The mjunction CEO & MD Mr Viresh Oberoi participated in a panel discussion on "Uncertainty in Modern Times: Are Traditional Businesses Sustainable?", at the annual SPJIMR Business-Academia Conclave (SBAC) in Mumbai in January 2016. The panel discussion was organised by the SP Jain Institute of Management & Research in Mumbai. Leading industry experts, consultants and expert academicians participated in the panel discussion.

Mr Oberoi kicked off the panel discussion by saying, "I am a disrupter, and not a part of the gang that is being disrupted. I come from Tata Steel so I grew up in an organisation that is now being 'disrupted' by my company mjunction."

He said that a lot of disrupters, especially in B2B, are going to come from the industry itself. "In B2B you will need to have domain expertise to disrupt, unlike in B2C, where everybody is a consumer," he said.